Hi there!  I’m Takia.  I am an abstract painter born in southern New Jersey, currently living and working with my loving and supportive husband in NYC. 

My earliest memory of my love for art began in kindergarten when, to my surprise, I was able to create a “killer” heart for our classroom assignment (…not to toot my own horn…but…toot toot).  Not only was my heart “killer" but I even had a fellow classmate request that I create a heart for her as well.  Of course she flattered my little, 5 year old socks off so much so that I gratefully obliged her.

Fast forward over 25 years later, my love for the exploration of art in all of it’s forms is ever present.  I believe that art shouldn’t be “just” a pretty picture.  I believe it should emotionally charge, uplift, challenge and change the viewer in some positive way.

So...allow the colors, the texture, and…yes…the paintings themselves to create an environment of freedom, wholeness, life, love and laughter for you!

With a smile, 

Takia J.


Palmyra Fine Art Exhibit 2013

Cinnaminson Solo Exhibit 2013

Riverton Solo Exhibit 2013 & 2014